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Camp Fire USA Eastern Massachusetts Council
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The Camp Fire USA mission is to build caring, confident youth and future leaders.

Camp Fire USA Eastern Massachusetts Council endorses the national mission statement of Camp Fire USA. It is important to us that we share with you what we believe this mission statement means.

What does ‘caring’ mean?
Caring is about respecting and appreciating difference. It is being inclusive, showing empathy, finding partnership, understanding, interconnecting and accepting. We support youth developing their skills in both caring for others and in self-care (self-acceptance and self-respect).

What does it mean to be ‘confident’?
A main focus in our programs at Camp Fire USA Eastern Massachusetts Council is the focus on skill building. Through skill building, we aim to develop confidence in youth. Confidence is a product of self-awareness in one’s abilities. Eastern Massachusetts is dedicated to developing self-confidence in each and every one of its youth members. We believe in developing confidence through one of our favorite mottos: If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

What does it mean to be a ‘leader’?
Leadership is not just about being an individual at the front of the pack. Though this is one form of leadership, Camp Fire USA Eastern Massachusetts Council chooses to develop in its youth various leadership skills with a collaborative focus. Leadership is about teamwork, team building, being open and being accepting. We believe there are many forms of leadership and that the best leader is the one who knows what form to take at the right time.

In addition to developing leadership within a team-oriented context, Camp Fire USA Eastern Massachusetts Council also views developing leadership as creating an ownership of one’s life. We are committed to mentoring youth in taking command of their lives and creating themselves to be and do their very best.

Build = Develop
At Camp Fire Eastern Massachusetts Council, we believe that youth already have the above qualities (caring, confident, leadership) within them. We don’t necessarily build these qualities in youth, we help to develop them.

Future = Life-long
We believe that one can be a caring, confident leader at any moment of their life, whether they are age 4, 14, 44 or 84. Camp Fire USA Eastern Massachusetts Council is committed to honoring and developing the leader within each youth with the understanding that these qualities and skills are part of a life-long journey and focus.