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Activities and Curriculum
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Activities and Curriculum

ZooCamp's Curriculum is written by the Zoo New England (ZNE) staff using the Massachusetts and Boston Schools Educational Standards. ZooCamp's program allows campers an increased opportunity to expand and practice their knowledge in support of the MCAS testing.

The curriculum is thoughtfully written to maximize campers' experience with the animal exhibits and animal habitats at the Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo. Each day there is a special focus for which all activities are centered, including science, games, and arts & crafts activities. After lunch campers participate in a live animal encounter with the ZNE Education Staff member. Campers use journals, worksheets and artwork to demonstrate and complete various educational activities.

Once a session, campers participate in activities with the ZNE Animal Keepers that allow campers to go "behind the scenes" at the zoo. Some of those activities allow youth to feed (prepare food items that animals will eat) some of the animals deemed appropriate.

Our curricula themes:

  • Amazing Adaptations 
  • Animal Habitats
  • The Animal Kingdom and Biodiversity
  • Predator vs. Prey
  • Wildlife in your Backyard
  • Animal Care
  • Life Cycles
  • Making Connections―Ecosystems and Conservations

Click here to view a sample day schedule.